Denouncement of unauthorized mailer - Sandee Everett, M.S.Ed.

Denouncement of unauthorized mailer

I have been informed that a flyer has been mailed out from a group that is not affiliated with my campaign. I have not received a copy in the mail, but someone sent me a picture of one side of it. It is entitled "Conejo Valley Unified School District Area 5 Candidates."

That mailer was sent without my authorization and without my review. I am committed to running a positive campaign, so I have resisted pointing out my opponent's positions on issues. I am running on my own record, my own positions, and my own qualifications.

The only time I have mentioned my opponent was when I pointed out a misstatement from her in one of the candidate forums. She stated that teaching K-6th grade gender identity is required by law. In my video on this topic (, I included the applicable law, with a clarification that K-6 gender identity instruction is NOT required by law.

There are a couple things in the unauthorized mailer that I specifically take issue with:

  • The mailer included a group photo of Conejo Together with some children in it. It looks like the minors' faces have been blurred, though. Interestingly, people have told me that they have seen the same photo on Conejo Together's website and/or Facebook page, so apparently Conejo Together had already published those minors' faces (unblurred) themselves. 
  • The mailer uses a couple of subjective words like "comrades" and "far-left."  Those are words that I would not have used in a mailer.

With the new school board voting areas, each campaign covers a very small area. I have kept my campaign positive and focused on issues because after November 3rd, we will all still be neighbors and our kids will still go to school together.  When all is said and done, we still need to be a community.

There doesn't seem to be anything inaccurate about me in the mailer. If there is anything inaccurate in the mailer about my opponent, I would be happy to update this blog post to point out those inaccuracies if she would like to send them to me.

- Sandee


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