Survey - Core Literature - Sandee Everett, CVUSD School Board

Survey - Core Literature Policy

Thank you for your willingness to provide feedback. The CVUSD school board recently approved amendments to our policy regarding selection and review of core literature for English/Language Arts. The new policy does three things: 1) notifies parents whenever their child is in an English course that will be using books that have mature/explicit material, 2) establishes a parent committee to add and additional voice to the approval process for new books, and 3) establishes a process for students to choose an alternative assignment if the regularly assigned book conflicts with the student's values and/or sensibilities.

There are only seven questions in this survey, so it should only take you a few minutes to complete. Thank you!


Do you think that parents should be notified when there are core literature assignments on their child's course syllabus that have mature or explicit content?