Re-Elect Sandee Everett to the CVUSD School Board

Re-Elect Sandee Everett to the CVUSD School Board

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My name is Sandee Everett and I am running for re-election to the CVUSD School Board. Please vote for me on November 3rd.

I am seeking re-election because our schools are in the middle of a crisis. I am a seasoned school board member that intimately understands the budget and our programs. If re-elected, I will be the most senior board member and the only independent voice on the board. 

I understand the impact that a top-quality school system has on our community. As the daughter of two public school teachers, I was raised to love public education. Three of my children graduated from Newbury Park High School, where my two youngest children currently attend. I have a vested interest in our schools.

I was elected in 2016 as a “voice for parents” that was sorely lacking on the board. Since then, I have consistently advocated for parents to be the greatest influence over how their children are educated. Because the school board is elected by parents and community members, I believe that the board is ethically obligated to respect the views, insights and wishes of parents to the greatest degree possible. 

My top priority is to provide students with an excellent education to help them become productive, successful member of society.

I will not prioritize the political or financial desires of special interests or unions over the needs of our children. When voting for budgetary items, my primary consideration is always how the decision will improve educational outcomes for students.

My Top Priorities for the Next Four Years

I will continue to put students first. During this time of mandated online education, I will advocate to:

- Regularly survey ALL parents and teachers for input

- Encourage teacher innovation that maximizes student achievement

- Provide in-person services and instruction for students with disabilities and IEPs

- Pre-assess all students for learning loss

- Ensure students are placed in cohorts and classes that meet family and student needs

I will support and push to get the permission we need to safely reopen our schools for all grades, for in-person instruction, just as CVUSD childcare has already reopened on our CVUSD campuses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) indicate that, for kids, the risks of lockdown are greater than the risks of COVID-19. Here are the links to a CDC article and an AAP article about re-opening the schools.

Sandee EverettGovernor Newsom’s school closure order allows for Districts to seek waivers to immediately reopen our elementary schools. I will continue advocating for these waivers.

I will support measures to provide our teachers with all necessary technology and professional development to effectively educate our children. I will work to ensure they have a safe working environment and the freedom they need to innovate.

I will ensure that parents’ concerns are brought up during board discussions. I will always advocate for finding and implementing the best solutions to resolve parental concerns.

In this current financial crisis, we will be forced to make painful financial cuts, but I will work to ensure that the students’ educational experience is the top priority and cuts do not negatively impact student outcomes and experience.

I am passionate about my work on the school board. I believe as all stakeholders work together, we will find innovative solutions to ensure all students, despite current challenges, receive the superior education for which CVUSD is known. 

I would be honored to have your vote on November 3rd. Thank you!

- Sandee

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