Priorities - Sandee Everett for School Board 2016

Sandee's Top Priorities

Always Put Kids First

I always work to ensure that all students from all backgrounds can achieve and be challenged academically while enjoying a safe school environment. I will continue the CVUSD tradition of providing excellence in education to prepare students to become successful, productive members of society. Board members should never prioritize the political or financial desires of special interests over the needs of our children. My primary focus when I frequently raise financial issues is to make the most of our District budget to provide the best possible education for our students.

Respect Parent’s Rights and Promote Local Control

Since the school board is elected by parents and community members, I believe that the board is ethically obligated to respect the views, insights and wishes of parents to the greatest degree possible.  Every year, bureaucrats hand down new regulations that impose their own standards and values onto our children. Parents should be the greatest influence over how their children are educated. I have established a record during my tenure on the board of fighting for parent's rights.

Improve Communication and Accountability

Regular communication between parents, teachers and the larger education community is the only way to keep our school board members informed and accountable. As the full-time mother of three current CVUSD children, a former PTA president and a licensed school counselor, I am uniquely engaged in education and I try to serve as the crucial bridge between the Conejo Valley school board members and the parents and community they serve.


  • Small student/teacher ratios in all classrooms
  • Improve support for professional development for teachers/staff
  • Updated classroom materials and technology
  • Ensure the ideal permanent sites for our multiple CVUSD program offerings, including adult and alternative programs
  • Additional elementary school counselors to meet student social/emotional/educational needs
  • Ensure CVUSD budget is managed efficiently and transparently


If you share any of these priorities, please click here and choose how you'd like to help me help our public schools. Thanks!

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