My Letter that the Acorn Refused to Print - Sandee Everett, M.S.Ed.

My Letter that the Acorn Refused to Print

[This was submitted as a letter to the editor of the Thousand Oaks Acorn, but they would not print it.]

My name is Sandee Everett and I am running for re-election to the CVUSD School Board. I was elected four years ago as a “voice for parents” that was sorely lacking on the board. Since then, I have consistently advocated for parents to be the greatest influence over how their children are educated.

As the daughter of two public school teachers, I was raised to love public education. I have current CVUSD students and a vested interest in our schools.

My top priority is to provide students with an excellent education to help them become productive, successful members of society.

During this time of mandated online education, I will advocate to:

  • Regularly survey ALL parents and teachers for input
  • Encourage teacher innovation that maximizes student achievement
  • Provide meaningful supports for students with disabilities and IEPs
  • Pre-assess all students for learning loss
  • Ensure students are placed in the cohorts and classes that meet family and student needs

I support safely opening our schools for in-person instruction, just as childcare has reopened on CVUSD campuses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) indicate that, for kids, the risks of lockdown are greater than the risks of COVID-19.

In May, over 12,000 CVUSD families and 750 teachers/staff responded to a CVUSD survey. The results showed that 78% of parents and 74% of teachers want in-person, on-campus instruction this fall. I believe the board is ethically obligated to respect the parents' wishes and seek permission to open our schools.

The District already received federal stimulus money to implement all CDC safety measures when reopening.

Once campuses reopen, we need to continue offering online education options especially for teachers and students with higher health risks.

Due to the district’s financial crisis, painful budget cuts will need to be made. I will work to ensure that these cuts don’t negatively impact student educational outcomes and experience.

I believe as all stakeholders work together, we will find innovative solutions to ensure all students, despite the current challenges, receive the superior education for which CVUSD is known.  

I would be honored to have your vote.  

- Sandee

Note: An important development occurred after I submitted this letter. On August 19th, Dr. Levin, the county health officer, announced that he would be granting waivers so that elementary schools can open for in-person instruction. It is very exciting that everyone seems to be coming together regarding the science. This is great news for the children and parents of our community!


Sandee Everett, M.S. Ed.
[email protected]

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Sandee Everett for School Board

Notice: the above opinions are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of CVUSD or any of the other board members.