Horizon Hills Parenting Program: A Gem Worth Saving - Sandee Everett for School Board 2016

Horizon Hills Parenting Program: A Gem Worth Saving

Eilene and SandeeI was given a tour of the Horizon Hills school and its Parenting Program and Preschool by Eilene Green (the director). The philosophy there is that the parents are the students while they fully engage in the pre-school experience with their children. This is an opportunity for parents to learn and put into practice proven, successful parenting skills in a warm, supportive environment. Parents who participate in this program learn important skills that often help them continue being very actively involved in their children’s education throughout their K-12 education.

The setting for this school is truly special. Each of the classrooms are inviting and have access to outdoor spaces – which is an important part of the learning environment the school creates for the children. It is also tucked away in a neighborhood where the playgrounds are private and with plenty of parking for the 200 plus families that attend each day.

This award-winning school serves approximately 700 families at any given time. The Horizon Hills Parenting Program and Preschool is a program that makes CVUSD special. It is impossible to completely understand what this school offers parents until you explore it for yourself. I encourage anyone with young children - who is interested in learning and developing proven parenting skills - to go and take a tour.

The Horizon Hills Parenting Program is a gem in our community.  We need school board members who understand how much this program means to the parents and families of the Conejo Valley.  The incumbents cannot be trusted to keep Horizon Hills in its highly successful current form.   It is time for school board members who listen to and value community input.  I would be the only member of the school board with children currently attending our CVUSD schools.  This is a perspective that is currently lacking and may account for why some programs that are very important to the community do not seem important to the current board.  

Please consider voting for me on November 8th so that I can advocate for the Horizon Hills parenting program.

Sandee Everett, MSEd
Candidate for CVUSD Board of Education

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