Post-Election Night Letter to My Supporters - Sandee Everett, M.S.Ed.

Post-Election Night Letter to My Supporters

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your support!

As of 12:44 AM last night, we are behind by 1,072 votes. I currently have 6,345 votes and my opponent has 7,417. But there are a lot of votes still left to count.

The last batch of results released last night were 4 to 1 in my favor. There is no way to tell if that trend will continue, but if it does, then things will look good for us.

According to the data that our campaign received at least twice daily from the county for the last 4 days of in-person voting, more than half of the 6,700 Republicans in Newbury Park did not cast their vote until the very end. The next count update is scheduled for Friday.

Can you do me a favor? If you have a chance today, could you drop off your yard sign at my campaign HQ? Just leave it by the door if no one is there.

You can also pick up any other Sandee signs that you encounter.  We are trying to get all the signs cleaned up within the next two days.

Thanks again to each of you for your incredible support! We are all very anxious to learn the final results of this election. We will keep you posted.

- Sandee

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