Donation Pledge - Sandee Everett, CVUSD School Board

Will You Support My Re-Election Campaign in 2020?

I am not asking for donations right now, but we just need to confirm that we will be able to raise enough funds to win re-election. Please indicate how much financial support you will be able to provide to my campaign this year.

The three democrats that won the election in 2018 (and flipped the board to the left) spent more than $200,000 to get elected. This included a lot of union money. Because of this, we know the same groups will be spending a great deal of money to try to prevent me from being re-elected this time around. 

It's too bad that it is so expensive now to run a school board campaign, but that's the reality. It is because there are activist groups that are desperate to control what is taught to our children and they are willing to spend a lot of money to make sure that school boards look the other way.

I am asking for a pledge of $99 from all my supporters. What it so special about $99? Even though there is NO LIMIT to how much a donor can contribute to a school board race in Ventura County, the names of donors of less than $100 are not disclosed to the public by the state elections commission.

In 2016 many of my supporters donated much more than that and their generous support is what helped me win. For right now, we are just seeing how many supporters are willing to commit $99.  Thank you!

What are you willing to pledge this year?

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  • Sandee Everett
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