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  • Linda Nicolosi
    commented 2018-11-05 18:49:23 -0800

    May I first, thank you for your good work, but second, make a suggestion for the future?

    I think you’re far too gentle in your approach of wanting

    books with so-called “mature content” flagged for parents. Books on the required reading list such as the one describing in salacious detail a father raping his daughter should be labelled simply “obscene.” They should be gotten rid of because they are bad for everyone—including adults. To label them “mature” is to make them attractive to kids, who will then argue,“But I’m grown-up enough to hear about these things.” And they will have the backing and encouragement of the teachers— “Yes, I have faith in you! You kids can handle this! This is a case of attempted censorship and you should join with us to fight it!”

    So I think the right approach is to label such books more accurately as “obscenity” — trash. They are bad for everyone of all ages and have no place in the schools, which should be lifting up young people’s minds and hearts and shaping their character. Shame on teachers, of all people, who think otherwise!

    Thank you,

    Linda Nicolosi
  • Ken Kenyon
    commented 2016-08-12 09:45:32 -0700