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Sandee Everett, Trustee, CVUSD Board of Education

Everett Family BeachI have always believed in the value of public education and chose the Conejo Valley to raise our children because of the schools. As the daughter of two public school teachers, I was raised to love the public school system. As a current CVUSD school board member with a master’s degree in education and the full-time mother of current CVUSD students, I understand the important impact that a top-quality school system has on the community. My training as a school counselor greatly informs my work on the board.

I believe that as all stakeholders work together, we will find innovative solutions to ensure all students, despite the current challenges, receive the superior education for which CVUSD is known.

My top priorities are:

Open Our Schools. Our schools need to safely reopen for in-person learning now. The law requires the board in the 2020-21 school year to "offer in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible" (EC 43504). CVUSD survey results in May showed that 78% of parents want on-campus instruction this fall. CVUSD survey results on Oct. 5th indicated that 80% of parents and teachers want the schools to reopen. The board is ethically and legally obligated to respect the wishes of parents to the greatest degree possible and make the option availablepick_up_yard_sign.jpg for all students to safely return to campus with their teachers and friends.

The board could have permitted all students with disabilities the opportunity to receive in-person services and instruction beginning August 25th. Select students with disabilities (but not all) are just now being allowed to return to campus. Beginning on August 19th, waivers were made available through the county to open our kindergarten through 6th grade classrooms. Unlike every local private school, the board delayed applying for these waivers and failed to open for our youngest learners.

We now have permission to reopen ALL our campuses. However, the board majority chose to delay the opening of the high school campuses until January 19th 2021. The high school students should not be punished because of scheduling mistakes by administrators. We need to immediately reopen our campuses for all TK-12th grade students and let the parents decide if they would like to send their kids back to school or to continue with online learning. 

Continuing to provide online and home school options is especially important for students and teachers with health concerns.

The District has already received millions in federal stimulus dollars to comply with safety requirements and has had eight months to prepare campuses for the students to return. 

CVUSD childcare has been safely operating since school started in August. 

Always Put Kids First.  We must ensure that all students from all backgrounds can achieve and be challenged academically while enjoying a safe school environment.

Support Our Teachers. Providing sufficient technology, professional development and the freedom our faculty needs to innovate are all essential to ensuring the best education possible for our children. We must also ensure all COVID-19 safety precautions are taken when teachers return to campus. We need to hire more custodians to keep our classrooms clean during COVID-19.

Respect Parents' Rights. Parents know what is best for their own children and should have the greatest influence over how their children are educated.

Fiscal Responsibility. It is very important to me that taxpayer funds are used wisely. On all budget items, the overarching question I ask myself is how the spending helps students improve their educational outcomes.

I am grateful for our local police and support them fully. I support their continued presence on our school campuses and funding as resource officers.

I am honored by the overwhelming outpouring of support from parents and community members that I have received since I have been a board member! I would be honored to have your vote in November. 

- Sandee Everett, MSEd

Summary of Qualifications


  • Trustee, Conejo Valley Unified School District Board of Education
  • Active California K-12 School Counselor License 
  • Master's Degree in Education (Purdue University)
  • Mother of current CVUSD Students 
  • Daughter of two public school teachers
  • Former president of elementary school parent-teacher organization
  • Every 15 Minutes, Retreat Team Member
  • Booster Volunteer (choir, dance team, band, volleyball) 

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Sandee's Bio

I grew up in a family of ten children with a mom and dad that were both public school teachers.  As such, not only do I intimately understand teachers, I also understand the value of being frugal and staying within a budget.

My first job after college was in Washington, D.C. as an office manager and French translator for a technology transfer company, Titan Systems.  I met my future husband, Craig, in the D.C. area at a church activity for young single adults.  

Craig and I have five wonderful children (now ages 15 to 26). When our youngest was still in diapers, Craig left his job at Northrop Grumman and our family moved to Indiana where Craig earned his PhD in Finance while I earned my Master's in Education, both from Purdue University.  By the end of our time in Indiana, all seven members of our family were in school - we are truly a family that heavily focuses on education.

I have always been very involved in the schools where our children attend, most often as a room mom, but also in other organizations such as the PTA.  I was president of the parent-teacher organization at Ball's Bluff Elementary School.

Ultimately our family moved to Thousand Oaks so that Craig could accept a position as a professor at Pepperdine University.  I was already licensed as a school counselor in Indiana, and after the move became licensed as a K-12 school counselor in California, where I still hold an active school counselor license today.

All of the Everett children have attended CVUSD schools.  The oldest three, Jessica, William and Anna, all graduated from Newbury Park High School.  The youngest two are still at NPHS. With children currently attending our public school system, I have unique insight into the issues facing real students and parents every day. 


People sometimes are confused by my name, which is Sandee Everett, not Sandra Everett and not Sandy Everett. "Sandee" is not a nickname, but rather it is the actual name on my birth certificate.  But don't worry about it, people misspell my name all the time and it doesn't bother me at all.

Campaign HQ is at 177 N. Reino Rd in Newbury Park.